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Belarus: Interview with ALEKSEEV (Video message)

Nikita Alekseev or known by ALEKSEEV is one of the youngest music stars in Eastern Europe. His first song, „Piyano Soltse“, was a hit in Ukraine, Russia and many other countries. It’s popular among the Bulgarian Eurovison fans too. This time he will present Belarus in Lisbon with his sensual ballad „Forever“.

Версия на български език.

How do you feel after the Final in Belarus?

It is great happiness when the music inside you at some moment becomes the favorite melody of many people. Most of all I wanted to get an opportunity to present my song „Forever“ this year at Eurovision. I am so grateful to everyone who supported me that evening.

Was there a point where you thought of giving up, especially after all the scandals?

It is not a secret that the atmosphere around the selection was very tense, it was distracting in a way and made it difficult to vanish in my music. But I felt support from the audience, I knew they believed in me and sang for them. It gave me strength.

Can you tell us more about your song? What is its message?

„Forever“ is a very romantic song but it is not just about love. It is about a special period in a relationship when you believe that it will last forever, the whole life and even more. And it feels like the most beautiful moment ever. I wish everyone to discover these emotions one day even knowing that it is not simple.

Did you prepare any other potential entries or has it always been „Forever“?

„Forever“ has become a great discovery for me and my team. It’s a very mysterious song whose huge power sends out light into the world. When we first heard the song, immediately it became clear that it has to be presented at Eurovision. We have changed the original version of the track and now it sounds very personal and emotional demonstrating my strongest points.

Your staging in Minsk was incredible. Are you going to keep the costume for Eurovision or you and your team are preparing something even more extraordinary? We have seen your other phenomenal performances.

In Lisbon you will see a completely different act. One of the best creative directors of Europe and at the same time my producer Oleg Bodnarchuk is working on the idea of my show. Now our team is doing everything to prepare for the first ‘rehearsal’ of this new act before Lisbon, we are going to test it soon. And our goal is to surprise the European audience this time too.

Many people expected to see you earlier at Eurovision. What made you decide that this is exactly the right moment?

Before this decision I was always joking when someone was asking about Eurovision, but now I understand that till now I just didn’t have the right song. The main reason why we decided to take part in the selection was the song „Forever“. This kind of a melody appears in the artist’s life only once and when it happens you have to use your chance.

Throughout the years you managed to become a star in many European countries, including Bulgaria. Do you think that your popularity will help you or it might add up to the pressure while taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest?

I know that I have to forget that it is a contest. First of all I am a musician and I want to show people what is happening in my heart, inside of me. I will sing honestly, will tell my personal story and I hope that the ESC audience all over the world will believe me. I am often asked why I have decided to take part in this contest and the answer is very simple – my dream is to show my music to as many people as possible. I believe I have a lot to tell them.

You recently visited Portugal to film your Eurovision postcard. What are your first impressions from this year’s host country?

When I was a kid I used to spend summers in Spain with a family who became like second parents to me. In Portugal I felt like I was back to that time. Beautiful streets of Lisbon reminded me of that nice period of my life. In every small detail I felt like I was here many years ago. During our trip to Lisbon I was allowed to fix a city clock, it was so exciting. It seemed like I was controlling the time of the whole city. This is a pleasant feeling 😊.

When did you start watching Eurovision? Do you have a favourite song from the contest?

To tell the truth I watched the contest from the beginning to the end for the first time only last year. Before Kiev I watched only some performances of some artists. For example, the show of Jamala – it was incredible in every single note she sang. Last year I paid attention to the performance of Salvador Sobral as he sang very sincerely, was different from others, original. His voice has its magic. Listening to his song I closed my eyes and suddenly found myself in a spring garden near a clear transparent mountain river.

What is Nikita like in his free time?

I spend my rare day off in silence with friends and family, maybe with an interesting book or watching a movie. I go in for sports, love football and even play in an amateur football club.

Hear „Forever“ here: