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Denmark: Interview with Rasmussen (Video message)

Rasmussen is the winner of this year’s Melodi Grand Prix and he will represent Denmark at Eurovison 2018 in Lisbon. His song is an epic representation of Viking culture and the singer himself has the same unique style. Find out more about „Higher Ground“ and the life of Rasmussen in our interview.

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Tell us more about yourself. Who is Rasmussen?

I’m 33 years old, and from Jutland, Denmark, where I live with my wife and our two kids. I hold a master’s degree in music and theatre, and work as a performance and song coach for young adults. I also perform and sing in various shows around in Denmark.

How do you feel after the final in Denmark?

I feel great. It’s so crazy that I’m now a part of the eurovision history – it’s a BIG deal for me. So humbling and overwhelming.

 What do you want to say with „Higher Ground“?

It’s an epic dramatic song that is inspired by Magnus Erlandsson, who became a famous character a thousand years ago, when he refused to join the battle against his kings enemies. He sought a different solution than war, and that’s what I would like to say with this song. To seek a solution to a problem/fight/discussion with words and talking WITH each other and not TO each other.

Why did you decide to sing in English but not in Danish?

Well, the songwriters are from Sweden, so naturally it was the best solution to write english lyrics – especially when I got on board. Actually the choir part after the choruses is in Icelandic, so it’s got a nordic vibe.

What have you prepared for your staging? Shall we expect a Viking ship on stage?

No you shouldn’t expect a viking ship on stage. We want to keep it more simple, after all it’s only 3 minutes. We loved what we did at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix though.

Since when do you watch Eurovison? Do you have any favorite songs from this year?

I’ve watched Eurovision since my childhood. I remember watching it with my family from a young age, and it has always been a huge event. This year there are so many great songs it’s hard to pick just one, but I can definitely say that your entry is extremely strong, so well put together – I love it.

You’ve worked as an actor. Will this help you now?

I hope so. Being on a stage singing and performing is no stranger to me, so I certainly hope my experience will kick in the minute I walk on stage. Of course I’ll get nervous, after all I haven’t tried performing for 2-300 million people before, but I’m looking so much forward to take the stage with my fellow vikings and Higher Ground.

What are your expectations from Lisbon and this year’s contest?

I expect to have the time of my life and meet a lot of great people. As for the contest, I’m first and foremost focused on making it to the finals. If we succed in that, anything can happen.

What do you think about the comparisons between you and Tormund from „Game of Thones? They are everywhere!

I don’t mind at all. I love Tormund and I think Kristofer Hivju is an amazing actor and portrays that character so awesome. I certainly wouldn’t mind to be cast in Game of Thrones as Tormunds long lost brother returning to Westeros.

Hear „Higher Ground“ here:


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