Greece: Interview with Yianna Terzi

Yianna Terzi will represent Greece at Eurovison 2018. She has 2 studio albums and a long music career. Find out what makes her entry „Oniro Mou“ unique and exceptional!

Версия на български език.

  1. How do you feel as the representative of Greece at Eurovison?

I feel very proud, especially with a song like “Oniro Mou”.

  1. Your song is very meaningful and emotional. What else should our readers know about it?

„Oniro Mou“ is an imaginary dialogue between Greece and its people. On the verses Greece expresses bittersweet and nostalgic feelings, while on the chorus, Greeks reassure their country of  their undying love.

  1. What is it inspired by?   

The pure love I have for my country, Greece.

  1. People see your music video in many different ways. What are its idea and meaning?

In the video I represent Greece and the actor represents the Greek people. He is lost and looking to find his roots again and she is forgotten and wants to be found.

  1. We’re really looking forward to your live performance. Have you prepared anything special and surprising?

Yes, we have! I hope it turns out the way we’ve planned it.

  1. What do you think makes your song different from the rest? Is it the ethno sounds or maybe something else?

It’s the theme of the song. I don’t think a dialogue between a country and its citizens has ever been written before for Eurovision.

  1. You’ve worked as a talent scout in the USA. How was it? What did you learn from this?  

I realized that I have an eye and an ear to find new talent. Haha! It’s very refreshing to work with new artists and accomplished ones and putting them together to create music.

  1. You are one of the fan favourites for the win. So what are your expectations from Lisbon? What do you hope to achieve?

I hope to give the best performance of my life.

  1. Your father is a famous Greek singer. Did he give you any advice for Eurovison?

He supports me in anything I do, he loves the song but no special advice, haha.

  1. What do you think about the rest of the competing songs? Do you have any favorites?

I like Estonia a lot. I think she’s incredible.

Hear „Oniro Mou“ here: