Petition: We want Bulgaria to participate in ESC 2019!

Версия на български език.

The Bulgarian National Television has officially announced that it withdraws from Eurovision 2019, despite having confirmed participation right after the end of this year’s edition of the contest held in Lisbon, Portugal.

We, the team behind, do not agree with this decision and we address all Eurovision fans, both in Bulgaria and Europe, to sign our petition in order to let the Bulgarian artists show their music in front of the whole world.

It all started way more than 4 years ago. But we could see the true beauty of the Eurovision Song Contest, even though in its Junior form, during two November nights – in 2014 and 2015. These dates marked the beginning of a musical fairytale and showed us the path to success. What came next were the three consecutive years when Poli Genova, Kristian Kostov and Equinox brought not only incredible emotions and pride to us here but also showed that Bulgaria can compete at the highest levels.
Eurovision is not just a contest. It goes beyond all other competitions exactly because of the passion and love that we all share together.

Withdrawing is a completely wrong move. Withdrawing means forgetting and abandoning everything so many people have put years of hard work into. Withdrawing means not letting a whole country show its culture, talent and uniqueness in front of 200 million people. It would make even less sense if we are talking about one of the most successful countries at Eurovision in recent years.

Currently the annual poll “Who Would You Like to Represent Bulgaria at Eurovison” is taking place at our website as well as our social media profiles and once again it attracts a tremendous amount of attention from both fans and artists. Keep in mind that ever since this poll has been created, Bulgaria’s actual Eurovision representative has been included in it – Poli Genova, Kristian Kostov, Zhana Bergendorff (Equinox). Bulgarians consider Eurovision as a platform where their beloved singers can take a bigger step in their careers and become more popular on the international scene. Where they can show their talent and reach out to more and more new people who appreciate what they do. We are not going to cancel this poll. Definitely not, we are going to find the fans’ favourite artist!

For us, withdrawing at such late stage ruins both the image of Bulgaria – the one which was created by years of working by trial and error but also by setting and achieving new goals and standards regarding our participation at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the one of the Bulgarian National Television as a whole. We did not come this far only to come across as neglecting, inconsistent and insecure for whole Europe.

We remind you of the „Conception for BNT’s development as a public media“ by Konstantin Kamenarov, which he included at his auditiion for the position of general director of the broadcaster.

„In the last few years BNT managed to impose Eurovision as a significant show for Bulgaria with a strong public reaction. It „put forward“ competitive Bulgarian faces, who created a positive image for Bulgaria and received strong support within the country and abroad.
Eurovision became an emblematic show for BNT and brought positives in its placement as a public media.“
„Eurovision as a project proved that well selected entertainment shows naturally hold their place in BNT“.

Will the emblematic show for the Bulgarian National Television be dropped just like that?

Letting the Bulgarian music industry make progress and letting the Bulgarian singers, musicians and producers take part in an event that brings them recognition, the love of millions, success and so much more is what matters – not some hesitation and dissent.

Our representatives throughout the years have trusted the Bulgarian National Television. This is why the broadcaster must respect them, the fans and the partners it has relied on.

We demand the Board of the Bulgarian National Television to take the responsibility, to keep their promise and to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel.