Russia: Interview with Yuliya Samoylova (Video message)

Take a look at our interview with Yuliya Samoylova from Russia who will present her country in the Second Semi-Final of Eurovision 2018 on May 10th with „I Won’t Break“ !

Версия на български език.

Who is Julia Samoylova? Tell us more about yourself.

I am a Russian singer, songwriter and music composer. I was born in the industrial town Ukhta in the North. I’m a music competitions vet – I have participated in them since when I was just a kid, I have won some. I was a runner-up in the Russian version of The X Factor TV show and I took part in the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Paraolympics. I’ve been using a wheelchair since childhood due to my rather rare physical condition. Well, that’s about it.

Tell us more about your song. What is the message behind it?

It is about inner strength that a person can and should find in themselves when their life is especially tough or they are on the brink of despair. This is the message. Always listen to your heart, it will not fail you, keep on going and never give up.

Last year you couldn’t participate in the contest. Do you think this was for the better? Are you feeling more prepared and confident this time?

Last spring I hoped until last minute everything would be ok and I would take part in the contest. And of course I was upset when it was canceled. But very soon I found myself bombarded with lots of different career offers so I almost had no time to feel sorry for myself. And yes – this time I feel more confident and at least I know nothing will stop me now.

‘Flame Is Burning’ or ‘I Won’t Break’? Which once is your personal favorite?

I like ‘I Won’t Break’ better. It’s about my life and about me. This song suits me more, I feel it better. This is one of the tracks I would, without a question, include in my favourites list.

What are the differences between these 2 songs?

Well, „The Flame Is Burning“ is a romantic, tender ballad while „I Won’t Break“ is a powerful anthem, that’s the difference.

What are your expectations from Portugal and Lisbon?

I’m looking forward to tasting the fantastic atmosphere of the contest, to feeling it, to becomig part of it. I have never seen an ocean, I have never visited Portugal before and I can’t wait to do both things!

Are you a fan of Eurovision? Do you have any favorite songs and artists?

Yes, I am a fan of Eurovision since childhood and my all-time favourite is „Molitva“ by Marija Serifovich from Serbia.

What do you think about the songs from the other countries? Have you heard any of them?

I’ve had a chance to listen to almost all of them by now. I like the entries of Belgium, Israel, Bulgaria and many others. I knew that Israel has millions of views on YouTube and Bulgaria is among favorites too. So good luck guys!

Would you like to say anything to everybody who is inspired by your song?

Vote for me, vote for Russia, listen to your hear as it is the only road to happiness. And don’t forget – you can bend but you don’t have to break!

Hear Julia Samoylova’s „I Won’t Break“ here: