Croatia: Interview with FRANKA (Video message)

Franka will represent Croatia at this year’s Eurovison Song Contest. She’s young, talented and crazy! Find out more about her in our interview.

Версия на български език.

How does it feel to represent Croatia at Eurovison?

I couldn’t be happier and more proud. It’s a dream come true!

You’ve tried to go to Eurovison before. What did you learn from this? Have you always wanted to take part in the contest?

You never learn if you don’t try, so I never regret anything. And I would always repeat taking part of the contest, it was a lot of fun. 🙂

Tell us more about „Crazy“. What do you want to say with it?

We all know that kind of love that come completely sweeps us off our feet. That unique, unconventional, different kind of feeling taking a hold of our bodies. We’ve all fell crazy in love at least once in our lives. Even if that love existed only in our minds. 🙂 There are no words to explain love. Love is a beautiful mystery.

Is it good to be crazy in love? Are you like that at the moment?

I think the best feeling is getting out of balance for love, getting crazy in love. And I try and keep this feeling alive every day.

Why did you decide to sing in English instead of Croatian?

It just came naturally to me when I heard the song.

Why did you choose exactly „Crazy“ as your song?

We felt like it was the right choice. We did have 3 other songs as options but finally it came down to “Crazy”. It’s powerful, daring and different and that’s why I think It’s a great choice. I think sometimes it’s ok to take chance! Hope people will vote.

Your music video is amazing. Will your staging in Lisbon be similar?

Thank you very much! 🙂 As for the staging, we will concentrate on the atmosphere, interpretation and emotion. will keep it magical… I hope you’re gonna feel the magic too 🙂

You sing from a very young age. Who inspired you and how did you thought of becoming a singer?

Yes, I started to sing when I was only 3 years old and of course my family was my biggest support and I must say I probably wouldn’t be where I am now if there wasn’t for my late dad, who raised me surrounded by music and believed in me the most. Eurovision was one of his biggest wishes, as it was mine also.

One of the judges in the show from which your career kicked off is Jacques Houdek. Since he represented your country last year, has he given you any advice?

Isn’t that crazy as well? 🙂 I love Jacques and I think he did an amazing job last year. He called me and we talked a lot. His main advice was to keep my focus through all the ups and downs in this rollercoaster called Eurovision. Hehe!

Do you have any favorite songs from Croatia or in general from Eurovison?

I love Euphoria ‘cause I think it changed the perception about Eurovision and from Croatian entries I love Don’t ever cry by Putokazi.

Hear „Crazy“ here: